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DAY 30: 30 Poems Later,

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I knew not
how this would go,
I knew not
if I’d find the words,
Or if I’d even see this to the end,

Some days I swam
in an ocean of words,
Some days I walked through
a desert digging the dry earth
with my fingers looking
for words to write,

I’ve learnt how to listen
instead of worry,
I’ve learnt how to let my words
say what they want to say
instead of telling them
what they should say,

DAY 27: Dreams of Dew

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My dreams feel like dew,
Abundant at dawn,
but only for so long,

I close my eyes and
they come to life,
Dancing wildly through
the rooms in my mind,

But as soon as the
sun begins to rise ,
They slowly evanesce
before my eyes,

If only they’d stay longer,
If only they’d stop opening
the door to doubt and
her cousin fear,

I wonder if God is
sitting somewhere,

DAY 26: Friends

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We gathered
around the flame
and stared deep
into her face,

She wrapped us
in her warmth and slowly
thawed the ice that
had caged our hearts,

From a distance,
We could hear the sound of our
long forgotten pulse joyfully
running back to us,

We all have fears,
We all have worries,
We all have nights where
we bathe in tears,

But watching that
candle swallow the darkness,

DAY 25: Darling Duke

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My darling Duke
is five feet tall,
His shoulders are broad
and his lips are soft,

He buys me a diamond
each time I don’t call,
And thinks all I want is
money and clothes,

I try to tell him that what I want
is for his arms to hold me close
till my fears run through the door,

I try to tell him that what I want
is to touch those deep dark parts
that he hides inside his soul,

DAY 24: The Day God Made You

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The day God made you,
He wasn’t bored,

He sat under an
evergreen tree,
And nature gathered
around Him,

The sun was up,
gently shining on him,
The wind was calm,
slowly dancing through the leaves,
The birds were wide eyed ,
Eagerly waiting to see
the wonder he’d make,

He laid his back on the bark,
And with a smile
He slowly shut his eyes
and travelled to the
deepest part of his heart

Where love is not just a
thought but a breathing reality,

DAY 21: Unspoken Words

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Please don’t glance my way
If unspoken words
are all you’ll ever say,

Do you not see
how my soul chokes
beneath the weight
of your quick gaze,

Do you not see
how my skin bleeds
each time you walk by
and never say hi,

Do you not see
how my heart spills
Each time you look my way
and then quickly look away ,

My heart was massacred
not too long ago,

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