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Dancing to a new tune


I danced to it,

The song you sang

The notes  you skillfully played

The melodies you brewed


I knew I shouldn’t

But I kept moving to the beat

Cause as much as I knew it was wrong

In that moment,

It felt so right

It felt soo good!


So I kept dancing,

Sinking deeper into the rhythm

Drowning in the symphony

All the while ignoring the voice piercing through my brain




I would try to silence it

But who can convince the heart?

Its ears had gone deaf, just as I had, to its plea


So in the quiet of the night

When sleep searches for prey

It would creep in

Robbing the pleasure rendered by slumber



Reminding me that though I enjoyed the rhythm,

That was all it would ever be,

Your tune

Your song

Your rhythm

Never mine,



So as much as I relished it

I think it’s time

Time  I stopped moving to your rhythm

Time I stop dancing to your tune

And start searching for the real tune,

The tune that God created for me to dance to


Its time I start dancing to His tune!



*’The tune’ in this piece is alluding to the world, the society I live in and people whom at times  I give certain rights that I shouldn’t.

To the times I act in a certain way or tweak who I am not because i want to, but because I’m out to please someone.

It’s exhausting and it robs life of all the fun it offers.

So I’m at a phase where I’m asking God to help me resist the temptation of dancing to all these tunes.

To incline my “feet” to dance to His tune alone.

For how beautiful it is, to be whom I was created to be. To be purely authentic!


Love & Blessings
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