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Once, I thought I had it all together

For three whole years we shared the same class, same lecturers, and same streets but shared in a conversation, was a quick hi and “you look nice today” on a few occasions. Except a hi.  Up until an early Monday morning when we happened to sit next each other while waiting for Father Njoroge’s CAT. Father Njoroge is the only lecturer on earth who’s CATs force you to cram every word in your notes.

Remember those English tests in primary where you have a list of words on two columns and you are supposed to match a word with its meaning? He’s CATs are exactly like that, only that in this case you it was a Communication and law test.

Anywho, we sparked a conversation and I really marveled at this beautiful chiq who was talking so passionately about writing and being an ardent feminist. A month later, I got a text from her saying she had gotten born again, and how my blog posts had really made her desire for more.

Now, that passionate girl is the most passionate lover of God I know. She exudes such joy that feels one with so much life.

Nowadays, Winfrey challenges me in my relationship with God and especially the child-like heart she has towards him, which is what really God desires from us…

So guys please help  me welcome our new guest blogger, Winfrey Njoroge by reading the beautiful post below… do share, like and comment as well- Let’s make her feel at home -)

Once I thought I had it all together, I was cool, I thought I lived the life. I thought I was wise, happy till I met Him. I thought I had found love in so many things and people. I thought they loved me but noo that was just temporary.

I fed my mind body and soul the things this world so praised. I did what everyone else of this world did. I was beautiful and happy from the outside but inside it was all ugly. My heart and mind were lost. I veered off track and just when I was about to drown, Jesus stepped in.

He literally looked for me the one lost sheep, He found me, and showed me how much He loved me. He gave me THE LIFE, showed me THE WAY and THE TRUTH. He opened my eyes to truth, pieced back the broken pieces, made my inside beautiful, and made my outside radiant and more beautiful than ever.

Then He showed me the love I really looked for in people and things. He made me a new creation. He worked on my heart and my mind through His word and He is still doing that. He is the one I talk to just to say thank you for salvation, joy, peace, love and blessing upon blessing. He’s the one I talk to when everyone around me seems to be against me.

He is the only consistent when everyone else changes. He is the one I run to when I know I cannot unless He gives me the strength to. He is my ever present help in time of need. He walks with me always and I know that He will never let go. Now I understand what people mean by singing ‘use me Lord’ because I would also love for everyone to know THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. If you are reading this and you have not accepted Him as Lord and savior, this is the time to cast your burdens unto him, humble yourself and admit that you cannot do it alone. He loves you and would love for you to have eternal life .He did not just die for my sins but for yours too.

You can check out her blog here


Love & Blessings
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