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Highway called growing up

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I went to sleep with a barbie doll in one hand and woke up to a crusade of people glancing at that hand to see if there was something on the ring finger or at the very least a hint towards one


I went to sleep in a Cinderella dress dreaming I’m in a field chasing butterflies and woke up in a pair of heels chasing after money and job promotions in long lonely office corridors


Who is in charge of this highway called growing up I wonder,
For it feels like the driving speeds are a tad too high


Is it possible to slow them down?
Keep on with the journey and still maintain  the child like awe that I first had?


The innocence engraved within that gave me permission
To love freely,
Trust openly,
And speak honestly?


Is it possible to drive through this highway and enjoy every moment of it without getting sucked in the roundabout called paper chasing that sucks away the wonder of life and turns time and fellow humans into opportunities to make just a little more?


Is it possible to grow up but still be carefree?
Grow up but still stop to smell the flowers and tango to the music?


Grow up, get that paper but not be mastered by its presence or lack thereof?


Is it possible to live free of pressure from people’s expectations
And like a child looks to the hand of its mother
Remain looking to the hands of My precious heavenly Father for every step of life, including how to get that paper, His way?


Instead of stepping on the accelerator so I can keep up with my peers, can I simply take a walk with Him on this road He knows inside out and let Him lead me to all He already predestined for me?


Is it possible to slow down the speed on this highway and just breathe?
For at this rate,  I’m afraid I just might crash

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Love & Blessings
10 Responses
  • Gideon Ruttoh
    March 17, 2018

    Bars !Its almost like you are rapping .Well its true things get complicated as we grow up but i think its because we try to fix things on our own instead of walking with God and involving Him.However His promises are a a bed rest to us!

  • Winfrey Shiro
    February 6, 2018

    I know right.. funny thing Leo morning nikioga I was talking to Him about sth along these lines and I told Him I never ever ever want to do life without Him.. like what’s the use of me pursuing my dreams without His leadership.

  • Natareen Nganga
    December 23, 2017

    We’re on that precarious ledge, one hand holding on to carefree childhood, one foot over a yawning unknown called adulthood with chanting voices called ‘peers’ and ‘choices’ bullying us…you’ve given life to our silent fears and encouragement that yes we can, through Him..brings the hymn Abide with Me to mind..
    Kaa nami ni usiku sana,
    Usiniache gizani bwana,
    Msaada wako haukomi,
    Nili pekee yangu kaa nami

    God bless you Ivy

    • Koome Ivy
      December 23, 2017

      Wow. That write up is so beautiful. Thanks Natareen. God bless you too dear 💜

  • Grace Koome
    December 23, 2017

    I thank Almighty God for this piece of work dear. Keep it up daughter. You will not crash for the hand of God is holding yours. Let God continue to take you step by step He is in control. May Lord God help each of us to allow Him to shepherd us. Psalms 23

  • Wambui
    December 23, 2017

    Beautiful 💝💝

  • Bwayne
    December 23, 2017

    Let HIM give you your Lane… From there you can step off the Gas, slow down and take a breath… 😀

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