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Day 10: Do your toes feel like stones?

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I would if I could,

Come up to you
beaming like the moon
and say,
Do you know my heart
is trapped between your eyes?”.

I could come and
ask if you want to
take me out,


If you think of me like I do you,
If you have sleepless nights
and dreamy days,


If you feel like your toes
are carrying stones
when you feel me coming close,

If your journals are full of silly poems
and your bathroom walls
drenched with silly songs,

If you ever talk to God
about having me,


I could do that,
I could do all of that,
But I was taught not to


Something about girls
being pursued by boys,
Us being the prey,
you the predator bla bla bla


I kinda wish I could go back
to that time in kindergarten,
when I went up to a boy,
told him I love him
and I’ll marry him 😀

That was his name!

Love & Blessings

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