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Day 11: A nice warning

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When looking for
a soul to reside in,
Skip the writer
if you find them on the list,


Don’t get me wrong,
We are an amazing lot,


God divided our hearts into
tiny fragments and
spread them through our ligaments,


That’s why we spend hours
staring at sunsets
and melt when we find a bird’s nest,


Its why we walk with bare feet
so we can feel the earth’s lips,


Its why we love ferociously with
every thread of our lives,


But we also write what we feel
So expect us to write
about your raspy voice,
your eyes that look like full moons
And sometimes, your dirty little secrets,
like the way you wear
yesterday’s socks inside out to
avoid too much work,


So if you’re not ready to live
within the pages of a journal,
Choose a nurse instead,

I’m sure we can all agree that it’s pure insanity to give up your dirty sock secret,
just to spend eternity with a mortal
who will love you like you’re the air,

Love & Blessings

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