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Day 2: The Paradox

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When I was a child
I’d watch my sister through eyes of longing,


How I wanted to be like her,

To wear jeans and walk in heels,
To have hips and painted lips,
Perm my hair and watch boys stare,


I’m now 23,
I have hips and I paint my lips,
I wear jeans and I strut in heels,
But in addition,
I edit my words and hide my thoughts,
I fear to try and I try to impress others,


The greatest paradox is that
I now sit and watch my little sister,
She’s 12 and carries a fire on her sleeve,
She’s taught herself to skate and ride a bike,
She makes bracelets for sale and speaks her mind, even if you scold her,


I find myself thinking,
What if my hips were meant to grow but my heart was meant to remain a child,


What if we weren’t meant to loose our childhood innocence, our bravery,

our freedom to be who we are

without comparison and jealousy,


Is that why the carpenter’s Son said that to inherit the kingdom we must be like a child?


I’m putting on my lipstick and I catch my little sister staring at me,
“Ivy, I can’t wait to grow up and be  like you ,”
she says, eyes beaming with longing,


I turn and stare deep into her eyes,
Do I tell her or do I let her learn by herself?

Love & Blessings

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