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Day 3 : To all the girls

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For the little girl forced to wear baggy jeans

and a bald head to deceive predators eyes,


For Kemunto, and every other girl

whose wounds run deeper than the ocean,


For all the women
who’ve been groped in public
and called a bitch for ignoring catcalls,


For girls all over the world
who have to look over their shoulder when the sun sets
for fear of being raped or molested ;


Fair one,
if my words were oil,
I would put them in a golden jar
and pour them gently over your shattered heart,

If my words were light,
I would use them to illuminate
this dark valley you’ve been forced to tread on,


If my words were a balm,
I’d use them every night
to soothe your sore eyes,



But they’re not,
and frankly no words
can fix a shredded heart


But for now,
allow these words from my heart
to hold your trembling hand,


I have walked this valley twice,
And this I know for sure;


One day,
this bleeding moon will pave way
for the sun’s glowing smile,


One day,
you will step out of the night,
and your scars will have turned
into diamonds shining in the light,


And maybe,
one day,
you will cross paths with yet another girl
whose garden has been ruined,


And with knowing tears you will whisper,
“Darling, I’ve walked this path before and I left my footprints behind to lead you home”


Don’t give up, fair one’s.
You’re never alone,
You’re never alone

Love & Blessings

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