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Day 4: Where are my words?

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I don’t have anything to write,

I’ve tried looking,
but my words are
playing hide and seek,

I could write about my heart
and how she woke up all worked up,

Afraid of trying,
Afraid of not trying,
Afraid of failing and
the future hidden from her eye,

I could write about the guy,
The one who’s eyes I’d love to get lost in,
The one who turns me into a gibberish fool each time he walks by,

He doesn’t know me,
I don’t know him too,
Well at least not entirely,
The nights I’ve spent scrolling his sites

have told me a little about this Knight,

Or I could write about God,
and how sometimes he feels so close,
Closer than two lovers clasped in each other’s arms,
And sometimes,
so far,
further than these words hiding from me,

But if I did have something to write,
I would write about that guy,
The one I don’t know,

I mean,

who falls in love with a guy who’s only ever said hi?

Love & Blessings

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