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Day 5: Sore Eyed

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When days feel like nights
Despite the sun’s bright light,


When my heart has sunk into waves of angst,
And no aubade can pull it from the dark,


I feel like a child wandering in a forest,
looking for God whom she lost through her torn pocket,


I search and search,
I shout and scream
Until finally,
Sore eyed,
A dying whisper escapes my lips, “God, help, please”


In the midst of blurry tear stained eyes,
I look up and there He is,
Right in front of me,


His eyes,
sore eyed as well


“Where were you? ” I ask
“Where I always am,” He replies
“With you,
Beside you,
Around you,
Within you,
You’re just too busy looking at your pain, to ever see my face”


With a smile,
He spreads his arms wide
and I run in like a child,


We walk away,
hand in hand
And along the way I pause and ask,
“God, why are your eyes sore eyed?”


“My child, ” He replies,
“your pain is my pain”

Love & Blessings

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