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Day 6: Leather skirts & Fur coats

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Truth is,
I like leather skirts and fur coats,


They show you what I’d like you to see,
Not what’s really inside of me,


They hide those lies I feed from at night,
They hide that tummy that I think looks funny,
And they help me linger when I pass by the mirror,


You too like my leather skirt and fur coat,


I can tell,

On those days,
you glance at me more than once,
On those days,
you like and share my pics more than once,


One day though,
When all my skirts and coats wear out,
And I stand face to face with who I really am,


I wonder,
Will I get so much as a glance?


And not from you,

But from the one
who can only look at herself
when she’s worn leather skirts and fur coats,

Love & Blessings

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