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Day 7: Tension

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Sitting through tension feels like death,
A slow death of choking
an already winded breath,


The tension of leaving behind
who we are so we can
embrace who want to be,


The tension of saying goodbye to
princess dolls and ninja turtles
so we can wear ties and stilettos,


The tension of closing the door
to a relationship that we really want
but shouldn’t have,


The tension of saying no
when everyone else is saying yes,


The tension of rising up
and following God
to a land that we do not know,


The tension of committing to 30 days of writing
and having to wait for words
even when they slide past wet anxious palms,


Do you feel so sometimes?


Like you’re choking and
all you want to do is
take off running?


Or is just me?


Do you wonder
what lies on the other side?


What would happen
if you sat through tension
and didn’t avoid that awkward conversation?

If you said yes to the process
even when you don’t see the progress?


a friend told me that
calm waters never made a skillful sailor,


I think I’ll sit a while,
I think I’ll wait and see
what lies on the other side,


Will you sit with me too?
and tell me of
your own tensed moments?


For if I be honest,
I’m a little afraid

Love & Blessings

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