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Day 8: Little Feet, Quick Feet

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These little feet
Ever too quick,


Like speed trains
and fast lanes,
Always running to
the next phase,


Finish school, find a job,
Meet a guy, marry now,
Hurry this meal, lest you miss that scene,
Rush through Monday
so you can get to Friday,


No pause,
No eye contact,


No notice of the
color cocktails in distant skies,


No notice of the
gentle breeze laying
kisses on your cheeks,


The tall trees dancing
freely to the wind,
Not even the quiet breathes
escaping your chest,


Little feet,
Try to pause
Once in a while,


Linger in this moment
a little longer,
Pull up a chair and
dangle your feet in the air,


Stare into another’s eye,

watch how their faces shy,
Bathe in the sun
and dance with the stars,


There’s no rush,
There’s no competition,


There’ll be no other you,
And there’ll be no another today,

Love & Blessings

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