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Road called Risk : 30 Days of Poetry

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In the month of April I embarked on a personal poetry challenge. I have been writing since 2016, but this time round I wanted to write and publish a poem every day for the 30 days of poetry. April being poetry month, I got the prefect opportunity to finally take a step. Any writer knows how scary it is to share your work with the world, especially when that means coming up with afresh poem every day.

Richard Frost in his poem “The road less taken” has a phrase that is a personal mantra of mine, “Way leads to way” . I started with an idea, and every day a way opened up itself and 30 days later I had extremely beautiful pieces of poetry. Words I never thought I could write flowed through me.

I also challenged other poets to join in and I had an overwhelming response from people who’ve never even written taking up the challenge and writing poems(I will share their works as well). Its was a tremendous journey.

This post and the consequent ones are the poems I wrote every day in the month of April under the Title ‘Road Called Risk : 30 Days of Poetry’

Enjoy 🙂





There’s a road called Risk,
that comes alive in the night
When all is out of sight and the world is bathed in moonlight


Between cotton sheets and silk pillows,
Dreams of how it would be if we follow her path permeate the vacant night


In these moments,
We write books
And draw portraits,
We quit jobs and start businesses,
We speak our minds,
And live for who we are not who others prefer us to be


Faithfully, the night listens,
Seldom interrupting our fantasies
But painfully grieving this truth;


Dawn will soon arrive and we will return to 140 characters and the endless search for perfect angles


We will choose the familiar road and spend our days imagining how it would be if we took one step down the mapless road called Risk

Love & Blessings

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