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DAY 16: Searching for room,

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I tried to pour my longings
to the ocean but
her womb had no room,


So I went to the birds
hoping they’d keep it
in their hearts,
But it was too much to bear
so they shared it with
ears itching to hear,


I then went to the sun
and sat hopefully at her feet,
Halfway through my talk,
She let out a yawn and
said she had to go home,


She must have warned
the moon on her way,
For that night,
the moon hid behind the clouds
until I was out of sight,


I finally decided to try men,
But all I did was break their bones,
They too couldn’t
carry my soul,


Distraught and tired,
I lay in the dust hoping to die,
That’s when I heard
laughter in the distance,


I followed the sound and
found myself at the bank of a river,


I saw a man,
A peculiar man,
playing with kids of all kinds,


Little girls braiding his hair,
Boys riding on his back,
Men laughing at his tales,
Women dancing to His songs,


He glanced my way
and bid me to come close,
I went and
sat on the grass next to him


Without a word,
he took off his robe and
split open his chest,


And there it was,
All The room I had
been looking for,
There was endless room
within this Man’s heart to
house all the longings within mine,


I looked up at him,
He reached out to my heart,
and with tears and laughter in his eyes,
He said,
“My child,
I’ve been waiting for this a long time,


Funny thing,
His heart didn’t look like the one in
my biology book,
Not even like the one on
my valentines card,


It had a peculiar shape,
I could have sworn it was a cross,


Love & Blessings

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