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DAY 18: You are the sea

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You are the sea,
Deep waters with a
womb full of unseen treasure,


You are the sea,
Raging waves dancing
furiously each time the
storm decides to roar,


You are the sea,
Calm and still like a baby,
Softly whistling as
the day lays to rest,


You are both
spring and autumn,


You are both
tender and
in need of a shoulder to lean on,


All of you is beautiful,
All of you is a masterpiece,
woven like a tapestry in the
image of the Immortal One
whose breath now
burns inside your lungs,


Every season you
go through matters,
Every part of you
He sees and loves,


When that dark cloud of doubt
sits heavily over your heart,
Lift your chin up and
gaze into His eyes,


Do you see how He weeps
each time you tweak
who you are for the
sake of pleasing them?



Love & Blessings

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