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DAY 19: Potted plant

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I shudder at the thought

of being tamed,

At the thought of being

turned into a trophy

that sits pretty on a shelf,


Look good,

Make him food,

Say yes when he says yes

and no when he says no,


Why is it that after marriage

the guy can continue

being a wild goose

chasing his dreams,

While the girl turns into a

household robot that cleans floors

and folds clothes?



Yesterday I listened to a

brother go on and on about

the kind of woman he’d like to marry,


At the end of the conversation,

I ‘respectfully’ said,

“My dear, what you’ve just described

is a potted plant, not a wife,

and my friend Maina sells

various kinds at a pretty price.

I give you his number?


He’s stopped replying to my texts😂



Love & Blessings

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