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DAY 20: Braids of Lies

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As a kid, I’d sit
at my mother’s feet
and let her braid my hair
before I went to sleep,

She’d narrate stories about God
and my hair would drink her words
like a dry sponge immersed in a well,

While growing up
I let many more people braid my hair,
and along the way some lies
of who God is got entangled within,

I began to perceive Him as a
master with a rod waiting
to punish me if I didn’t do well enough,

I began to perceive Christianity
as a system of do’s and don’ts,

Working hard to be good
and failing miserably while at it,
Frankly, I began hating the
whole thing entirely,

But truth never gives up,
He chased me down that steep road of
confusion and drew me to himself,

These days,
I curl at his feet like
I did with mommy
and He braids my hair,

He uproots the strands soaked in lies
and lovingly braids in the truth
of who He really is,

Its a daily journey and
a hard and painful one,

But here,
At his feet,
I find myself knowing a God
who’s as playful as I am,
You thought I’m silly?
Try ask him to make jokes with you,

I find myself knowing a God who doesn’t get offended when I’m honest,
When I tell him I’m mad,
and sometimes blame him for my disappointments,

I find myself knowing a God
who invites my questions,
Questions about him,
Questions about me,
Questions that religion
taught me I should never ask,

I find myself knowing a Father
who is obsessed with His little girl,
Who loves her even when she
can’t look at herself in the mirror,

I find myself knowing a God
who understands my humanity,
My emotions,
My longings,
My frustrations,

And for the first time
in a long time,
I find myself liking this God,

John 15:15
I no longer call you servants,
instead I call you friends

Love & Blessings

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