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DAY 24: The Day God Made You

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The day God made you,
He wasn’t bored,

He sat under an
evergreen tree,
And nature gathered
around Him,

The sun was up,
gently shining on him,
The wind was calm,
slowly dancing through the leaves,
The birds were wide eyed ,
Eagerly waiting to see
the wonder he’d make,

He laid his back on the bark,
And with a smile
He slowly shut his eyes
and travelled to the
deepest part of his heart

Where love is not just a
thought but a breathing reality,
He began to slowly form your being,

He will have hazel eyes,’
She will have soft red lips,

He will love dribbling a ball and
she will love brushes and paint’

I will pour the yellow sun on her skin
and brew his in rich dark chocolate,

But most of all,’
He said to himself,
We shall be in love,

As they grow they will collide
with the furious love I have for them
and it will sweep them off their feet,

For all the days I have
ordained for them,
We shall be lovers,

Father and son,
Daughter and Father,
Best of friends
through this ballroom
called life,

He then gently
laid you in your
mother’s womb,
as angels held
their breath,

and the journey
to who you are,

Love & Blessings

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