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DAY 29: Dear Reader,

Posted on 1

‘ve sat all night with the moon,
Trying to make a
garland of words for you,
But it’s not grand enough,

In fact,
I doubt there’s a crown
precious enough to clothe
your beautiful heart ,

So for now,
please accept my
ardent Thank you’s,

For reading my poems,
For cheering me on the past 30 days,
For encouraging me on those
days when my words took flight
on the wings of doubt and fear,

This journey has
been much cozier
because of you,

I also hope that this journey
has nudged that fire that’s
raging inside your belly,

I hope that you too will
search your path and follow it
despite what people think,

I hope you’ll drive a dagger
through that voice that says
you aren’t good enough
and step into the arms of risk
and her adventures,

Coz darling,
I too would love to
drink from your well

Love & Blessings

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