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DAY 30: 30 Poems Later,

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I knew not
how this would go,
I knew not
if I’d find the words,
Or if I’d even see this to the end,

Some days I swam
in an ocean of words,
Some days I walked through
a desert digging the dry earth
with my fingers looking
for words to write,

I’ve learnt how to listen
instead of worry,
I’ve learnt how to let my words
say what they want to say
instead of telling them
what they should say,
I’ve learnt to stare fear in the face
instead of taking on heels,

I’ve known a God I never knew,
The artistic God,
The God who is a poet,
The God who knows how to rhyme,
The God who enjoys what I write,

I’m glad I took this journey,
I’m glad I mounted the wings of risk,

I’m also glad that I had other
amazing poets join me,
It’s been a delight seeing
how we’ve all blossomed,

I know not the path that awaits me,
But one thing I do know,
I’ll keep dancing till my toes groan,
And I’ll keep writing
till my cuticles bleed,

This is not the end!

Love & Blessings

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