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Day 4: Where are my words?

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I don’t have anything to write,

I’ve tried looking,
but my words are
playing hide and seek,

I could write about my heart
and how she woke up all worked up,

Afraid of trying,
Afraid of not trying,
Afraid of failing and
the future hidden from her eye,

I could write about the guy,
The one who’s eyes I’d love to get lost in,
The one who turns me into a gibberish fool each time he walks by,

Day 3 : To all the girls

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For the little girl forced to wear baggy jeans

and a bald head to deceive predators eyes,


For Kemunto, and every other girl

whose wounds run deeper than the ocean,


For all the women
who’ve been groped in public
and called a bitch for ignoring catcalls,


For girls all over the world
who have to look over their shoulder when the sun sets
for fear of being raped or molested ;

Day 2: The Paradox

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When I was a child
I’d watch my sister through eyes of longing,


How I wanted to be like her,

To wear jeans and walk in heels,
To have hips and painted lips,
Perm my hair and watch boys stare,


I’m now 23,
I have hips and I paint my lips,
I wear jeans and I strut in heels,
But in addition,
I edit my words and hide my thoughts,

Road called Risk : 30 Days of Poetry

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In the month of April I embarked on a personal poetry challenge. I have been writing since 2016, but this time round I wanted to write and publish a poem every day for the 30 days of poetry. April being poetry month, I got the prefect opportunity to finally take a step. Any writer knows how scary it is to share your work with the world, especially when that means coming up with afresh poem every day.

Richard Frost in his poem “The road less taken” has a phrase that is a personal mantra of mine,

Raw one from my diary

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Sharing one of my private entries. It’s always my hope that as I show you my attempts at being honest with God, it will open you up to be honest with Him too and with yourself as well,

As I sit on this cold stone floor, I feel a surging rush of fear rising in the depths of my heart.

I am staring.
Staring at these layers of walls that I’ve built up all around me.