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Day 12: The man at the door

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There’s a man who stands at the door,
His back is a bag of scars,
His heart,
an ocean of tears,


Tears He sheds each time
He knocks on the door of your pain,
Hoping you will let Him in,
Only for you to add
one more lock on that bleeding door,


We shut Him out of what pains us the most,
And think that all He’d like to hear is
“God you are holy,

Day 11: A nice warning

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When looking for
a soul to reside in,
Skip the writer
if you find them on the list,


Don’t get me wrong,
We are an amazing lot,


God divided our hearts into
tiny fragments and
spread them through our ligaments,


That’s why we spend hours
staring at sunsets
and melt when we find a bird’s nest,


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