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Raw one from my diary

Posted on 2


Sharing one of my private entries. It’s always my hope that as I show you my attempts at being honest with God, it will open you up to be honest with Him too and with yourself as well,

As I sit on this cold stone floor, I feel a surging rush of fear rising in the depths of my heart.

I am staring.
Staring at these layers of walls that I’ve built up all around me.


Posted on 2

Have you ever been so heartbroken you felt pain move from your heart to your  knees and up to your heart again, over and over?

It was some time back. I’d just woken up for my morning date with Jesus, which is basically my alone time where I shut out everyone and focus on Him alone.

I woke up excited, ready to head to the living room and bask in His presence when I received some news that crippled my entire body.

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