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Cinderella Story (With A Twist)

I came across a fairy tale,

A story about Cinderella,

But with a twist


In this fairy tale

Cinderella was still poor,

But she didn’t sit by a window

And sing about Prince charming waiting for him to rescue her


Instead, she worked hard

Did part time jobs

And studied hard

That she might rescue herself


In this fairy tale,

Blaze Kenya Summit; My Experience

There’s a certain prayer I’ve been making of late; I ask God for new opportunities each morning and that He may teach me new ways to increase my effectiveness and work smarter.

I prayed the very same prayer when I woke up on Friday. I was attending Blaze Kenya Youth Summit, an initiative by Safaricom that encourages youth to pursue their passions, by bringing mentors from different fields to talk about personal success stories and how the youth can realize their dreams.

Will it ever be easy?

I have just realized that in all my posts, I have never said hello. My apologies…

Hello guys -)  Hope you are well and thank you very much for being part of this. Your encouraging words, prayers and love are greatly appreciated.

This is probably the hardest article that I have written since I started this blog.

It’s not like a robbed a bank or anything, but it just happens to be one of those times when I have wished that God would quicken and rapture us.

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